Updates, updates, updates…

Friday, May 29th, 2009 | Projects | Gabriel Mariani
I finally got a chance to work on a few apps and update some problems people have run into.

For .minerva I upgraded it’s support of AMF0 custom classes and typed objects. It now supports dragging and dropping files into the UI to speed up debugging.

As for .merlin there were even more internal changes. I completely overhauled the Type1 support and it more thoroughly reads the font to extract the correct file name. I also fixed some bugs with the OTF parser. And finally, the one that annoyed me the most, was making it not lock the GUI while it was processing. So now if the application locks up then it probably really did mess up =).

Also just an FYI, I do make some updates to my other apps from time to time but it doesn’t show in the RSS. So please take a chance and check out if any of your favorite projects have been updated since last you checked. The latest version and date the app was published is at the top of ever post. Some of the more recent updates were to AIRadio, and TempoLite.

- gabe

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Andrew Chen
July 16, 2009

How do I get ahold of you guys? I couldn’t find an email or contact form.

Here’s my bio: http://andrewchenblog.com/about/

Please email me.