AS3 Syntax Highlighting (with SyntaxHighlighter Evolved)

Friday, October 2nd, 2009 | Projects | Gabriel Mariani
So apparently they changed the plugin name again and updated it to the latest (2.0.320) version of SyntaxHighlighter. I’ve also updated my brush to be more inline with how brushes are supposed to be made and be more of a replacement for the default AS3 brush now. Below is the download link for version 1.2 of my brush, I’m assuming the first two were 1.0 and 1.1 respectively.

Also included is an updated version of my theme, again changed to be more inline with how other themes were built. To use it with SyntaxHighlighter Evolved is more of a chore and directions can be seen here.

  1. Download and install SyntaxHighlighter Evolved
  2. Download my extension: shBrushAS3 (For version 2.0.320 of SyntaxHighlighter and as of the writing version 2.2.2 of SyntaxHighlighter Evolved)
  3. Place the script in SyntaxHighlighter’s Scripts directory.
  4. Use [ code language="as3"] … [ /code] to have your code highlighted (Spaces inserted into tags so SyntaxHighlighter doesn’t try to highlight them)
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2 Comments to AS3 Syntax Highlighting (with SyntaxHighlighter Evolved)

Abel Braaksma
October 3, 2009

Thanks for your brush and your comment notifying me of this, Gabriel. I just added it to the list of available bundled and non bundled brushes as an alternative for the original. Looks good!